Neighborhood Housing and Development builds new, energy-efficient, high-quality homes at an affordable price.  Our homes are built to the highest standards, taking into account the health of the future homeowner and the health of the environment. We use high-quality and energy-efficient products to ensure the sustainability of your homeownership. One of the greatest burdens on a homeowner is the cost of repairs and upkeep. At NHDC, we do everything we can when building your new home to minimize this burden and ensure you have a home that you can not only afford, but also maintain.


NHDC also renovates homes to bring them up to energy-efficiency standards and improve the quality of the neighborhood where people reside. This may include renovating the structure, flooring, plumbing, engineering, appliances and more. These homes are rehabilitated to a high-quality standard and made available for purchase at an affordable price.

NHDC is currently building NEW CONSTRUCTION homes for sale in it's subdivision, Lana's Place. You can choose the floor plan, and be a part of the design process - everything from paint colors to appliances and more. Your very own dream home, built with you in mind! Please check out the Lana's Place galleries below and contact Janice Crews (352-380-9119) for more information. 

What is your dream home? Contact Janice Crews to find more information about our current homes for sale and how to qualify: 352-380-9119. NHDC also offers a number of education and counseling programs to assist you along the path to homeownership. If you are not quite ready, or able to qualify, you can speak with our housing counselor, Pebbles Vance, one-on-one and work to repair or buld your credit, improve your budget, build a savings and learn about various programs available to assist you in your dream to become a homeowner. Click here to learn more about education and counseling programs for homeownership.


Homes Ready to Move-in (Please call for updates on current properties available and to confirm listed price)


Lana's Place Homes for Sale

2189 SE 28th Drive - Lot 14

2189 SE 28th Drive - Lot 14

under construction, completion date, May 2018. 3 bedroom, 2 baths Price is $159,900

2738 SE 21st Road - Lot 4

2738 SE 21st Road - Lot 4

under construction (not actual house-picture of similar model), completion date, May 2018. 3 bedroom, 2 baths Price is $149,900

Bella Meadows Homes for Sale

Lots available for purchase. Please contact Janice Crews for model selection.